What are Coatings?

Coatings are and have been a big and growing thing over the last few years and developments and ever increasing on them to aid usability, and longevity.

A coating is a layer applied to your vehicle to help aid and maintain the appearance, to help reduce damage, swirl marks and contaminants from being embedded into your paint work. You can also opt for internal coatings as well, these help to maintain the finish on your interior trim, protect and maintain your leather and to help avoid stains to your upholstery and carpets.

Dealerships are now well and truly pushing these coatings during the sale of new and used vehicles But BUYER BEWARE. Our personal and professional experience shows that often if its been “thrown in” as a freebie or reduced price, they often are not even applying the coating and in fact simply throwing the “care pack” into the boot. After all, if they are giving you a £300-600 service free, why is it free? An all to often thing seen by us on a weekly basis. That’s ok right because you opted for it (persuaded by the salesman no doubt for his commission and to hit his target), but you’ve paid for it so it’ll be fine right? Yes sometimes, if your lucky. But usually they are give 20 minutes to clean and prepare the vehicle and, if your lucky, a further 40 minutes to apply said coating. Take into consideration that whilst your new car as 4 miles on the clock, its traveled 1000’s of miles to get there via Ships, Trains and car transporters, leaving deposits of contamination all over the vehicle, that simply cannot be safely removed in 20 minutes. Our most basic package takes a day!

What Coatings do we offer?

We offer a few varying options to suit various budgets for both new and used cars. All packages include at the very least a Enhancing Machine polish to ensure the paint is perfectly clean and prepared. We offer both Polymer Based packages (Often the same level of coating used by dealerships) and Ceramic based coatings. As well as interior Options to go with both of these packages.

As we are mobile, our coatings are specifically chosen for suitability of application in an outdoor environment, whilst still given exceptional results and long lasting protection. Whilst we are mobile, we will still need to setup our gazebo to be able to apply the coatings and keep the vehicle free from contaminants to ensure the best results.

We use Sonax Polymer based coatings and Car Pro UK edition ceramic coatings.