What is the Car Pro CQuartz UK Edition Coating, and is it for me?

Our Car Pro CQuartz UK Edition coating is a Car Pro Based product range for protecting your vehicle and is perfect for those who want their car protected with optimal performance and duration at mind. We’ve created this package specifically based on Performance and Longevity in mind. We expect this to last in excess of 3 years and warrant it for 18 Months.


Who is Car Pro?

Car Pro is a global company who have been working predominantly on coatings, more specifically the CQuartz range. The products are manufactured by themselves in Korea to highest of standards. There is full backing in the UK and they even have there own coating specifically for the UK called “CQuartz UK Edition”, which has been specifically designed for suitable application outdoors in the UK, for temperatures as low as 3C and humidity levels of 65-80%. You can see why we choose to use Car Pro UK Edition.


Whats Included?


The exterior will be safely washed using Snow Foam, The two Bucket wash method, a brand new wash mitt, a brand new drying towel and fully decontaminated. A light machine polish to enhance the paintwork and prepare it for the coating. Please Note, if your paintwork needs correction work, please contact us for a customized quotation.

The paint work will be coated with Car Pro CQuartz UK Edition, The wheel faces & Plastics coated with Car Pro Cquartz Dlux, The glass is coated with Car Pro Flyby Forte and the paint work topped with Car Pro Reload to help protect the coating whilst its fully curing.


The interior will be deep cleaned (The level of cleaning here will depend on the condition of the vehicle, for example a used car will be fully steamed and shampooed). Once the interior is up to the standard we would expect, we will then apply our coatings. For the Fabrics we use Car Pro Fabric Guard. Car Pro Leather & Vinyl is used on the Plastics and Leather. The interior glass is coated with Car Pro Fog Fight.


New Vehicles
less than 3 months old and 1500 miles – We ask that all new vehicles are not washed (especially by the supplying dealer)

Exterior only

Small Car – £380
Large Car – £400
4×4/MPV –  £420

Interior & Exterior

Small Car – £530
Large Car – £550
4×4/MPV –  £570


Used Vehicles
Older than 3 months old and 1500 miles

Exterior only

Small Car – £480
Large Car – £500
4×4/MPV –  £520

Interior & Exterior

Small Car – £630
Large Car – £650
4×4/MPV –  £670


This service can take anywhere between 1-2 days.


To book your CQuartz UK Edition Coating

A £100 non refundable deposit will be required to book. This is deducted from the total due upon completion of the valet.

Tel: 01784 250512
Email: hello@dccarcare.co.uk