Leather Bolster Repair

Its very common, particularly on the Outer front Bolsters, for the colour to wear off. This is due to the continued use and “In and out” of vehicle motion. Over time it wears away the colouring and, in some instances, can tear the leather over time.

We can repair most Bolsters, we will strip the Colouring back, Repair up to 1 tear (please let is know if there is more than 1) and fill (if needed) and re colour your Bolster so its looks almost as good as new! All done in Situ, so no worries about airbag issues or warning lights. Don’t worry, we do cover everything up, so no mess either.

Approximate Time – 2 Hours

Fixed price of £65

N.B You cannot remove stretch marks and creases from the leather, leather is skin and this is a natural occurrence, however Creases can loose there colour, making them more prominent, we will re colour these so they wont be so prominent.