Swirl Marks on a brand new car

Paint Depth Gauge used to determine how much paint is left to play with before machine polishing.

Do I need a machine polish?

How do I know if I need a machine polish?

If the answer is yes to any of the below, the chances are you probably do!

Is your car paint work dull or does it have visible swirl marks?

Perhaps its oxidized and gone faded.


What can a Machine Polish do?

We can greatly improve the finish on your car with our machine polish options.

We can enhance the paint work in order to bring a new lease of life!

It will add gloss, reduce swirls and generally enhance the paintwork significantly.

If you are interested in machine polishing work, we will need to book an inspection valet.

This includes a safe wash of the vehicle (Not suitable for heavily soiled vehicles).
Paint readings of the vehicle.
An emailed quotation with various options to help suit your needs.

How to protect the finish?

As standard all base quotes include a wax, but we will also offer a quote including a sealant. Alternatively you could look at our coating options to really lock in that finish.  Click here to see our Coating Options

What we do:

We will arrive and clean the vehicle. Following this we will asses the vehicle, what it may need vs what we can do based on the paint condition and the amount of paint remaining. We will then send over a quotation within 48 hours via email.

Cost & Time:

We would Expect this to take around 1 hour

To book an inspection valet for Machine Polishing:

Tel: 01784 250512
Email: hello@dccarcare.co.uk