Are your headlight (s) dull or yellowed? Got an MOT Failure or advisory?

No problem, we can fix 95% of headlights to a standard above MOT pass level, making them look fresh and clear.

Over time, UV light damages the coating that is on the Lens of almost every vehicle in the UK, often causing them to go dull or yellow, reducing your light output. This is not only bad for visibility, but if the light output is diminished enough, it could also be illegal.

A Headlight lense for an average car can cost from £119 upwards each!

We can correct this for a fraction of the cost.

What we do:

We will sand back the original coating gently by hand, using various grades of sandpaper as required. once we have achieved a level we are happy with, we will then machine polish the lights with several grades of polish to get as cloudy free as possible. Once achieved, we will apply 2 coats of sealant to the lights to protect them from re discoloration.

The Finish

We gaurantee the finish will be suitable to pass an mot with no advisory or fail relating to cloudy headlights. The finish may not be 100% perfect like brand new due to methods required In order to restore them. For a 100% perfect finish replacements lense is recommended. We cannot fix damage to the Inside of the lense caused by heat from the bulbs. (often seen as mico fractures).

Cost & Time:

We will spend a maximum of 1.5 hours per headlight.

Per Headlight: £30

Set of headlights: £50

To book:

Tel:01784 250512

NB: Only available within 10 miles of TW19. We may travel further for multiple vehicle or at additional fuel charge.