Convertable Cleaning, Protecting & Recolouring


Soft Top Cleaning, Protecting & Re Colouring!

Over time, with the great British weather, soft tops often get green and dirty, as is the nature of a fabric being outdoors. Many Hand Car Washes offer to “Jet Them Down” for you. Generally we would advise against this as they tend to get far to close with very over powered pressure washers, causing the fabric to get damaged and leave pressure marks across it which ultimately cannot be repaired and require a replacement soft top which can get costly.

Like anything fabric, soft tops needs to be cleaned & cared for and because they are outside, they need to be protected. A soft top should never been cleaned without some form of protection afterwards.


What Soft top services do we offer?

We offer three Fabric Soft top Options for your vehicle. We offer a deep clean and protection package. ideal if its a gotten a bit dirty/green and needs a thorough clean, followed by a fabric protectant. We also offer a Re Colouring service if the colour has faded/colour has dissipated (usually from a poor prior re colour). Alternatively we offer a Re colour in a new colour (Please note we cannot change the vehicle to a light colour roof, if it was previously Dark)


Soft Top Prices:

Deep Clean & Protection

We will first deep clean the roof using our extraction machine and various cleaners to bring it back to its former glory. This is followed by drying and 2 applications of protection.

This service takes up to 4 Hours.


Soft Top Recolouring

We will Deep clean the roof using our extraction machine and various cleaners, this will then be dried and two layers of the colour applied. This is then dried and 2 applications of protection applied.

This Service takes approximately 6 Hours.




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