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We are the Kempton Valeting & Detailing Company. DC Car Care can offer Regular Valeting, Wax, Interior Valets, Clay Bar decontamination, Fleet Valeting and also Ceramic Coatings, in Kempton, Middlesex. Our van is kitted out to come to your house, work, or anywhere else you need us in Kempton therefore saving you time and effort of having to take you vehicle to someone and waiting.

We are able to cater for Cars, Bikes, Lorries, Trucks, Ambulances and many other specialized vehicles. If its got wheel, were usually happy to clean it for you.

We’re a family-run business, originally established in 2012 by myself David, and now with the help of my wife Sam. I have a passion for detail and strive on providing a top quality service to every single customer. With exceptional knowledge and expertise in the industry, your vehicle will be in the best hands!

With over 1000+ Facebook likes, 40+ 5* Facebook reviews and more reviews on google, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the best of hands.

DC Car Care Ltd is an approved Member of PVD, The Professional Valeters & Detailers Association. We are Insured Skilled, Proven & Insured.


What can we offer?

Regular Valeting

We can offer Regular valeting to you, this is great for ensuring your vehicle is well maintained. DC Car Care offer regular valeting at a reduced rate if on a regular basis. We offer weekly, fortnightly, 3 weekly, 4 weekly or 6 weekly basis. When arranging with us, we will book out your desired occurrence for the remainder of the year, this ensures you’ll always have your car clean. Then you can simply add these dates to you calendar and you’ll always know when we are coming.

You have the option of our Express Valet (Outside only), or our Express Valet Plus (Both Inside and out). So you can tailor your valet to your needs and requirements.

One-Off Base Valeting

Essentially this is the same package as the regular valeting packages (Express Valet / Express Valet Plus) However we allow a little extra time to ensure the vehicle is left with our usual high standard of Cleanliness. This is often used by people who want to treat another person as a gift, or those who’s personal commitments don’t allow them to commit to our regular valet scheme.

To see full details and prices on our Valets & Details, please use the main menu.

Interior / Exterior Valeting

Exterior/Interior valets are designed to specifically target that area.

Interior Valets include everything you get on the Regular or one-off base valet (for the inside). But also include the deep Shampoo of Fabric seats & Carpets, and where applicable, the deep clean, feed and protection of leather. Idea for Stained interiors, splits drinks etc. We would Recommend a “Specialist Service” for Split Milk, Vomit or urine and the like.

Exterior Valets start with the same base as the Express Valet, but also include what we call Chemical Decontamination. This is the chemical removal of Tar Spots and Fallout. If there is excessive Tar or fallout, we would recommend you consider a higher level package, or alternatively contact us to customize your valet to suit, so that we may allow sufficient time and budget. The exterior valet also includes a coat of Wax (Real wax in a tub, not Liquid Wax or Spray on wax).

Full Valet

Our Full valet consists of up to 5 hours of deep cleaning of your vehicle, it brings together both the Interior Valet and the Exterior Valet to give your car the full works all round. This is great for those who have just purchased a used car that’s not in the condition they expect. Also great for those who are looking to sell their vehicle. Clean Vehicles sell quicker and for more, as they appeal to more potential buyers, who want nothing more than to hand over the money, take the keys and drive off, with nothing to “get done”.


Detailing is often misconstrued to just be another word for “machine Polishing”, this is very much not the case.

We believe Detailing is exactly what it says it is, its a Valet in detail!

With valeting we have a set amount of tasks to do in and set amount of time, and we strive for perfection, but we only have up to 5 hours. With Detailing, its slightly different, we allow days rather than hours. This way, time is of less importance, and getting the details refined are the key factors here. We concentrate on things like removing every trace of decontamination we can find on the paint, or ensuring the seat rails are squeaky clean.


Coatings (Polymer, Silica Resin and Ceramic)

DC Car Care offer Polymer Coatings, Silica Resin and Ceramic Coatings, dependent on budget. We also offer Outside only or inside and Outside protection.

Benefits of a correctly applied coating:

  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Stays Cleaner for longer
  • Reduces the chances of swirl marks
  • Helps protect against Tar Deposits and Fallout Deposits
  • Helps Reduce the chance and severity of stone chips and road rash.

Benefits of a correctly applied interior coating

  • Leather more resistant to staining and wear
  • Fabrics wont absorb liquid Spillages as quickly (giving you time to absorb it up before it stains).
  • Reduce the chances of staining to fabrics
  • Aids the ease of cleaning of interior plastics, leather and fabrics.



Our coatings are specifically chosen for their suitability for application on a mobile basis whilst still giving good, strong, long lasting protection. Whilst they are suitable for mobile application, we will need a relatively clean and dust free environment, as such, will need enough room to erect our gazebo for the application of coatings.

DC Car Care Accept all Major Credit & Debit Cards                                    

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