Express Valet – Mini Valet

Our Express valet is our base valet package and equivalent to most peoples Mini Valet.

We only use industry recommended safe wash methods.

The vehicle will first be Vacuumed including the boot, dusted and plastics dressed/cleaned as well as leathers cleaned where applicable. the outside will then be Snow foamed, this is left to dwell for a few moments and helps to loosen the the dirt, this will then be rinsed off and we will begin cleaning the wheels, including the dish (depending on wheel design). We will then wash the vehicle using the two bucket safe wash method. The vehicle will then be rinsed, dried with a plush drying towel (if raining, we will apply our polymer sealant to the wet vehicle, this will ensure the vehicle dries to a streak free glossy finish), we will then apply Quick Detailer to enhance gloss and top up any protection. All glass will be cleaned and it will be finished with trim and tyre dressing.

  • Vacuumed
  • Dusted
  • Plastics Dressed/Cleaned
  • Leather cleaned (Where applicable)
  • Snow Foamed
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Safe 2 Bucket Wash
  • Dried with Plush Towels
  • Quick Detailer Applied
  • Windows Cleaned inside and out
  • Tyres and Trim Dressed

We would Expect this to take up to 2 hours.

Want regular valeting? See our DC Priority Page for our reduced price, regular Mini Valet service.

Don’t forget we are PVD approved


Small Cars: £45- Saloons & Estates: £50 – 4X4 and MPV: £55

To book

Tel:01784 250512

NB: Only available within 5 miles of TW19, or within 5 miles of Ruislip if on a Thursday Afternoon. We may travel further for multiple vehicle or at additional fuel charge.

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