Our Exterior Valet Plus is perfect for vehicles that haven’t seen much attention to the outside for a while.

We only use industry recommended safe wash methods.

Outside: The vehicle will first be Rinsed (if excessively soiled), Snow foam applied and left to dwell, this will then be rinsed and the wheels and vehicle washed using the 2 bucket safe wash method. Once its cleaned, we will asses and remove Tar spots and Fallout, rinsed again and then dry the vehicle. Then we will use a clay bar to remove any further contamination from the paint work. The vehicle is then washed again and Once the vehicle is dry, we will then apply two layers of wax of high quality wax, the trims and tyres will be dressed and the glass cleaned and polished, and door shuts cleaned.

  • Rinsed
  • Snow Foamed
  • Rinsed again
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Body washed using the 2 bucket safe wash method
  • Tar and fallout removed
  • Claybar Decontamination
  • washed, rinsed and dried
  • 2 layers of quality Wax applied
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Glass Polished
  • Trim and tyres dressed
  • Door shuts cleaned.

Costs and Time:

We would Expect this to take up to 5 hours.

Small Cars: £115 – Saloons & Estates: £125 – 4X4 and MPV: £135

To book

A £20 non refundable deposit will be required to book. This is deducted from the total due upon completion of the valet.

Tel: 01784 250512
Email: hello@dccarcare.co.uk

NB: Only available within 15 miles of TW19, or within 5 miles of Ruislip if on a Thursday Afternoon. We may travel further for multiple vehicle or at additional fuel charge.