We have put together the perfect winter protection package to get your car ready and protected for Winter.


Why do I need a Winter Protection Package?

With Winter comes Broken roads, Salt and Grit. All these particles get thrown up and stuck onto your car, so during winter its essential to keep up your cleaning routine. The longer these contaminants are on your vehicle the more bonded they will become and the more damage they can do. Heavy rain alone will not wash these off, so even if its raining cats and dogs, we would recommenced you grab that old waterproof jacket on and get washing.

In order to aid the cleaning and to help try to protect your paint, we have created our winter package. This will leave a Barrier on top of your paint, so the contaminants stick to that rather than your paint! This does not replace regular cleaning, but aids the cleaning process. If you leave the contaminants too long they would still eventually break down the barrier of wax and eventually get to your paint, all be it, not so fast.


What other issues do we face in Winter?

How often do we say or here about cars not starting, engines braking, someone crashing in the wet because of the cold, wet and often icy weather?

No Problem, with this package we’ve got this covered. Not only will we protect your paint, we will help to protect you and those traveling in the vehicle. We will check your battery (Where easily accessible), Check you Tires for tread and air, and check your anti freeze levels and advise you on anything that needs doing.


So Whats Included?

A 3 Bucket safe wash including Snowfoam.

A Chemical Decontamination including Fallout removal and tar removal.

A Light Clay decontamination of the paint.

2 layers of winter wax.

1 coat of wheel wax.

Glass cleaned and coated.

Battery Test (Where battery is easily accessible).

Anti freeze level and condition checked.

Tyre tread and pressures checked.

Washer fluid topped up.


Winter Protection Package Cost

Small Car – £125
Large Car – £130
4×4/MPV –  £140


This Service can take up to 4 Hours.