DC Car Care – Winter Protection – Range Rover


Is your car ready for winter?

We have a package setup specifically to ensure your vehicles exterior is cleaned and protected for winter!

The vehicle will be lavishly washed using the Safe wash methods, including a citrus prewash to help shift the dirt and grime.

Once its Cleaned, we will then begin to decontaminate it using Tar Remover and Fallout remover to remove and tar spots and fallout from brakes, trains and various other contamination. Once this process is complete, it will then be washed again.

At this point, we will use a Pre Wax Cleanser which is a hand Polish specifically designed to draw out any oils that may have previously been on the vehicle from waxes, this ensures our chosen sealant adheres to paint work better.

We will then apply a layer of Sonax Profline Polymer Net Shield and Sonax Rim Sealant. Both products we have used for a long time and find their life span and protection qualities ideal to protect your vehicle over winter.

The vehicle will lastly be finished up with a water repellent glass cleaner, Trim & Tyres dressed.

This Service can take up to 4 Hours.


Small Car/ Hatchback: £110

Saloon/Estate: £120

4X4/Mpv: £130