Sukh contacted us asking for our Full Valet Plus package for his new to him Range Rover, from our first conversation it already felt like we had known one another for years! as if he was a long term customer already! He had chosen this package after having a quick look on our website. We booked him in for later on in the month ready to get it looking its best. A few days passed and he had obviously been looking at my work and my packages and inquired as to if the Bullet Polish Sealant package could be added to the Full Valet Plus to make his car really pop and give it the very best protection. Not a problem, all sorted and ready to go.

On the day, I turned up and after a quick jiggle around of cars we got started, a coffee was presented almost instantly! love it! At the same time he was having a new boiler installed as well, so safe to say that for him, it was a rather hectic day. Despite this, the hospitality was great, with plenty of coffee to keep me going and keep me warm.

The car was of course safe washed, deep cleaned, chemically decontaminated and rinsed off, at this point it was clear the paint was still fairly rough, so claybar time, Bilt Hamber clay bar came out and the entire car was lightly and carefully clayed down to a smooth finish. This was finished with a wipe down of Solvent Degreaser to ensure every bit of possible contamination was off or loose. We then proceed to rinse and wash the car again to remove all the contamination we had loosened.

Now dried and clinically clean, we began to apply Bullet Polish Hi Shine Polymer Sealant. This is applied using a DA polishing machine on a super soft pad, the buffed to a high Shine, on its own, its claimed to give 12 months protection (This of course will vary based on how many miles you do, how often you maintain it and how its maintained). Once this was done, we spent about an hour on the inside doing general cleaning, vacuuming, dusting etc (allowing the Sealant time to cure off).

Once the inside was “tidy” and the sealant had been given around an hour to gas off, we then applied Bullet Polish Pure Finish 40 wax to the vehicle, adding a further layer of protection on top of the sealant and adding a bit more pop to the paint. All the Bullet waxes Ive used to date are very easy to apply and can be applied to the whole vehicle before being buffed off.

Again I wanted to give this time to fully cure and gas off, so I returned to the inside to shampoo carpets, steam the interior, deep clean the leather and also protect the leather. I only use quality products from “The Leather Repair Company” when it comes to leather, as it really is the dogs Danglies.

Once the inside was finished off, I returned to the outside, this time to apply Bullet Polish Glacier Glaze Wax. Again super easy to use and it really did add even more depth and pop to the paint, that I wasn’t even sure was possible on a uncorrected car (not that the paint was in a particularly bad condition).

So the final layer of wax had been applied and buffed to the paint work now, so I set about doing the “Bits”, first up was a coat of wheel wax to the wheels, then I used various metal polished on the side steps as they were a whiteish/grey, rather than a high shine you’d expect. Once this was done, another coat of wax was applied to the wheels, I then turned to using a spray wax on the shuts to get them looking better. Next up was the glass, both inside and out, once that was done the tyres and plastic trims where dressed and all that was left was a final buff of the car to wipe of any excess product and ensure a good level finish.

It was an absolute pleasure to work on Sukh’s car and after just over 7 and  a half hours work (literally non stop) it looked absolutely amazing.

If your still not convinced, here’s what Sukh had to say:



And here is the finished article: