The VW Emissions Scandal – Are you affected? How can I find out? What can I do legally?

The VW Emissions Scandal – Are you affected? How can I find out? What can I do legally?


The Big VW Emission Scandal!

If you’re one of the thousands of people in the UK who owns a Volkswagen TDI diesel, you probably have a few questions right about now. Well here’s what we know so far…

Road emission tests have revealed that the nitrogen oxide levels from some VW TDI engines are significantly higher than the results published following lab testing.

So what’s the problem? 

Well these results are used to help sell vehicles and also to decide the level of Vehicle Exercise Duty that you pay, as well as meeting emission regulations within certain countries. VW were questioned about these results, which in a large number of cases were three or FOUR times the level of the published figures! Eventually they admitted fitting vehicles with a device which alters the vehicles emission, performance and fuel consumption, in order to pass certain tests. Originally, they only admitted to it affecting US based models from 2009-2012.

As owners of a VW Caddy here in the UK, we gave them a call today to check if our van was involved in dodgy testing. Unfortunately it was, so VW have said they’ll be in contact in the coming weeks/months (maybe next year – who knows?) to resolve the issue.

We asked “when it goes in for its re-call, will it effect the performance and fuel economy once done?” and we were told YES it would. So we have a VW Caddy 1.6 TDI which we bought specifically for the lower tax band than the bigger engine and now there is a potential threat that the tax could be increased due to this emission scandal.

How do I check if my vehicle is effected?

If you own a TDI VW from 2008 onwards, we recommend you call VW on 0800 083 3914 and press option 3, provide them with your details and registration and they will tell you if its effected or not. Oddly they ask about warranties and service history, perhaps looking for a get-out in the future? Who knows.

What can I do legally? / I want to take legal action!

At the moment it’s not even confirmed if there is going to be the possibility of doing anything legally, it all depends on how it ends up effecting people, resale value, tax increases etc. You can however, register your interest with Slater & Gordon who can keep you posted with regards to what can be done legally, just visit:

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an update.

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